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Daily Archives: September 30, 2013

An outstanding building in Clermont-Ferrand

10 rue de Ceyrat / Clermont Ferrand

Today i invite you to Clermont-Ferrand where I now live. This is a town located in the very center of France, in a green and mostly rural region called Auvergne. Clermont-Ferrand is interesting to visit because we are closed to very beautiful old volcanoes (there are more than 80).

The city itself is not the most beautiful in France but if you visit the region or go to the south you can stop one or two days there and will not regret.

Concerning my favorite subject, ie art nouveau, i was surprised to find 5 or 6 outstanding buildings here and more in the entire region.

I start the serie of the Art Nouveau in auvergne with this one, maybe my favorite. It is located 10 rue de Ceyrat in the very center of Clermont Ferrand.

This building was built in 1905 and Read more of this post