The Art Nouveau Experience

A journey into the Art Nouveau heritage

Art Nouveau in Milano

Following our visit in Milano where I went last week, I take you to the Via Menotti in the east side of Milano, not very far from the very historic center. This street has several beautiful buildings, amongst them the number 18.

Art Nouveau MilanoAs you can see, exceptionnaly this building is well restored (so that the number 16 which will be subject of a future article here).

There are many things to admire on this masterpiece. The funny is that the architect put on this facade all the components of the art nouveau :

1/ animals : peacock on the windows – and lizard on the door. I have not any idea why these animals and why they are associated. Maybe the peacock  comes from Mucha masterpiece shown during the 1900 international exhibition in Paris, who knows.

2/ plants and flowers,

3/ geometric motives, there are a lot in this facade – they are originals since I have not seen any similars in other milanese buildings, Read more of this post


La Casa Campanini in Milano

Liberty Milano Campanini

Today I invite you to follow me in Milano !!!

Milano is well known for the Duomo (a big white sculpted gothic cathedral, old of 600 years), for the numerous luxury shops, and its old industries. Due to this reputation the name of Milano does not inspire any glamorous envy to go and most of the foreign tourists go to Venezia, Firenza, Roma or Napoli, etc… but nobody thinks of Milano…

Nevertheless it is worthwhile to go, this for many reasons : 1/ for those who are interested in art, there are a lot of museums, 2/ yes, there are a lot of shops for clothes, and jewelery, etc., 3/ there a lot of restaurants, cafés and the atmosphere is definitely italian, 4/ since it is a big city, there is a metro and many public transport and you can go there and visit it without any need of car, 5/ and finally there are many beautiful art nouveau buildings. 

In Italy they call it Liberty style. With Torino, Milano is the city where you will find most of the representative buildings of the specific italian art nouveau architecture. Yes, I can confirm, Liberty style is different from the spanish, the French or the Belgium style – it has its own local specificity. Read more of this post

Hector Guimard again !

I posted a few weeks ago pictures and information on the famous Hector Guimard building called Hôtel Mezzara at 60 rue Jean de la Fontaine, Paris XVIe district. Hereafter is another Hector Guimard architectural masterpiece showing the same typical parisian art nouveau style, built in 1909.

11 rue François Millet ParisAbove the door and windows we find again the typical Guimard curving lines which flow smoothly around. Read more of this post

Flowers and curves in a paris school

Art Nouveau ParisHi, hope that you are all fine. Ready to follow me again in my Art Nouveau Parisian tour ? Yes, so let’s go to 33 rue du Champs de Mars, near the Eiffel Tower, in the VIIe district. There in a tiny street, you can find this building. Isn’it beautiful ? Ohh, I love that.

Bonjour, vous ne comprenez pas l’anglais, ce n’est pas grave, allez un peu plus loin, j’en dis davantage dans notre merveilleuse langue. Read more of this post

A delirious and fantastic building in Paris

art nouveau / ParisAs I said in a previous article regarding the Hotel Mezzara of Hector Guimard, I had the chance to do my own art nouveau tour in Paris a few days ago, mainly in the XVIe and VIIe district. Read more of this post

Art Nouveau is (almost) everywhere

As you may have noted if you already read one of my previous article, I live in Auvergne, a rural region in the very center of France. In this region you can find this beautiful little art nouveau villa.


This villa is located in a beautiful little Belle Epoque city called Vichy. Read more of this post

Hotel Mezzara by Hector Guimard, Paris

I went to Paris last month and had the chance to walk a few hours in the XVIe district where I could see many very famous art nouveau buildings. The weather was perfect, sunny with warm temperature so that I could take some pictures, which I am happy to show you today.

Guimard Hotel MezerraDespite the fact that I lived a few decades in Paris, there are still thousands of places, buildings and monuments I have never seen in the City of Lights.

For instance, and to start a new set of articles dedicated to parisian art nouveau buildings, I show you today the Hotel Mezzara, 60 rue Jean de la Fontaine.

Ah, before some words on this “Hôtel Particulier”, please note that you can click on the pictures here, they will appear bigger !!!

Read more of this post